Resiliencia #2

This theatrical and musical piece questions migration through the journey of a Frenchwoman in Argentina. In her comings and goings, she encounters different worlds and realities, learns silence and listening, observes nature and the communities of the territories she is discovering. The people who welcome her share their vision, their struggles and invite her to unlearn an European cultural conditioning in order to open up to another relationship with the living.

Work in progress 2022, June 3 + 4
Recreation2022, November 25 + 26 / December 2 + 3
Centre culturel San Martin, Buenos Aires

Duration 1h
Production Cie IKB
Coproduction FIBA Internacional Festival of Buenos Aires 2021
With the support of Institut Français and Ville de Lyon

Residencies 2022 in Centro Cultural San Martin-Buenos Aires, 2021 in the Centquatre-Paris

Text & direction Séverine Fontaine
Colaboration dramaturgy & traduction Ana Karina Lombardi, Sophie Tirouflet
Participation text Ana Karina LombardiMaria Rojas Zambrana, Sandro R. Pichicura, Danilo Ozumas, Victor Mayta, Juan Pérez

Actors direction Sophie Tirouflet
Music and interpretation Juan Pérez, Victor Mayta, Danilo Ozumas, Graciela Mendoza, Maria Rojas Zambrana, Katiuska Cantillo
With the sound participation of Minino Garay, Sandro R. Pichicura
Coaching body & voice Renaud Semper, Aleema Curri, Silvina Sznadjer

Technical direction Martin Arcidiacono
Scenography Séverine Fontaine
Fabrication of lamps Duillio Della Pittima
Light creation Pablo Curto