Light Me

Instalación robotica

LIGHT ME speaks with poetry of encounters, of our relationship to others and the expression of our emotions. The multidisciplinary artist Séverine Fontaine continues her exploration of related relationships with luminous objects. After the creation of Incandescence and its light bulbs, LIGHT ME is a dive into a living and musical scenography composed of anthropomorphic robot lamps on a monumental scale. A choir of voices from Lyon accompany this journey and express the richness of the human and cultural diversities that make up the international heritage of the City. A mirrored space to connect with each other and with the light…

Original creation Festival of Lights 2019, Lyon (France)


Concepcion & Dirección de creación Séverine Fontaine
Música Claude Gomez
Programación robots Guillaume Levaillant
Consejo luz Bruno Sourbier

Producción Cie IKB
Una creación financiada por Citeos, Signify, 27 Madeleine
Con el apoyo tecnico de Fanuc, Assystem, Citeos, GL Events Audiovisual, Lenoir Services, Signify

Duración 7 minutes (loop)

Light me Light me
Light me