Monumental light installation


INCANDESCENCE offers an emotional and spectacular journey to the heart of a universe that connects humans and light. This creation presents a series of monumental bulbs connected to a light and musical show. The luminous scenario essentially takes place in the heart of the giant bulb (more than 10 meters high) which drags the others in its wake. The small bulbs that come with it offer a range of sizes, shapes and filaments to show the diversity of our lights.

“This creation is based on the alliance of the classic luminous object with modern and innovative materials in the technical realization. The choice is to work the light only from the works. It is the filaments, the arms and the bodies of the sculptures that create the luminous effect. » SF





Création originale Fête des Lumières 2014, Lyon (France)

Conception & direction artistique Séverine FONTAINE
Design sonore & musique Claude GOMEZ
Réalisation technique & production AIRSTAR
Avec le soutien technique de PHILIPS et SEET EUROPOLE

Partenaire GRAND LYON
Production Cie IKB – AIRSTAR

Durée 6 :30 en boucle