Yellow threads |  Generations


3rd component in the process of creating Filaments, produced in Lyon. 

The yellow thread is an original work consisting of luminous tableaux providing a backdrop to a series of filament lightbulbs of different voltages, and which together symbolize inter-generational transmission (Place d’Ainay). The participating individuals were integrated into the core of the installation through the presentation of their photographic portraits and the presence of their voices in the specially created soundtrack. Running time : 12 minutes (music Claude Gomez)


Production Cie IKB.
With the support of Ville de Lyon, Mairie du 2ème Arrondissement, Département du Rhône, Conseil Régional Rhône-Alpes

In partnership with ThyssenKrupp Cadillac Plastic, Comptoir Lyonnais d’Electrécité, Gerriets, Descours & Cabaud, Corne

With the participation of (photos & interviews) residencies for elderly people: Hénon, Jolivot , Zay, Clos Jouve, Rinck, and Centre Social Croix-Rousse, Mission Jeunesse de la Ville de Lyon


Conception & Artistic direction
Séverine Fontaine

Lighting collaboration
Bruno Sourbier

Music & sound design
Claude Gomez

Marc Terrier, Thierry Varenne, Giovanni Parisse

Technical direction
MK2 PLus - Christian Marty, Thierry Mourret

Lighting programmation
Marc Chauveau, MK2 Plus

Jean-Mathieu Erny


Fête des Lumières (Festival of Lights), Lyon, December 2009
Fondation Bullukian, Lyon, February 2012