White Thread / Time 


4th component in the process of creating Filaments, produced in Paris.

The white thread explores that which connects us to time given the productivity-driven context of our contemporary system and the frantic pace it engenders. A source of anxiety for the individual, the comparison game creates a space in which to position oneself, to gauge one’s social and personal advancement. So how do we take time? Reflected through the eyes of the young adolescents and elderly people interviewed during an artistic residency, this dramatic, visual and sound performance was created by the artistic team.


Production Cie IKB / WIP Villette, in partnership with Centre Social d’Aubervilliers and Les Musiciens Residence, Paris
With the support of Rhone-Alpes Region


Conception, Text & Direction
Séverine Fontaine

Bruno Sourbier

Claude Gomez

Yan-Ali Tabarand

With Selena Hernandez, Julien Jeanne, Adeline Ishiomin

Mireille Silbernagl


Résidence et présentation au WIP Villette Avril 2010, Paris