Personal art exhibition


The personal art exhibition Incandescences drew together the set of visual art, photographic and documentary productions developed in several locations in France between 2008 and 2011 in the context of the Filaments project.

Two plexiglass structures contain over 80 bulbs with different filaments, sizes, origins and intensities (from 7W to 100W). Emanating from each bulb with its unique centre, lit by an incandescent filament, the light transmitted evolves little by little during the presentation, illuminating the whole set in one final breath. Re-creation based on the original 2009 work – Duration 7:36

Sound portraits produced in Paris & in the Pas-de-Calais Mining Basin.
Elisabeth – Produced in Sallaumines (Fil Noir) – May 2009, Duration 4:57 / Sophie – Produced in Sallaumines (Fil Noir) – May 2009, Duration 5:44 / Rene – Produced in Paris (Fil Blanc) – April 2010 Duration, 4:30 / Amir- Produced in Aubervilliers (Fil Blanc) – April 2010 Duration, 3:52 / Genevieve – Produced in Paris (Fil Blanc) – April 2010, Duration 3:03

500 Portraits produced between 2009 and 2011 in Lyon, Paris, Marseille & Pas-de-Calais

Creation produced for the Jardin de la Fondation Bullukian
Fibreglass body, nylon threads


Fondation Bullukian, Lyon
With the support of
DRAC Rhone-Alpes
Rhone-Alpes Region
City of Lyon
Rhone Department

Thanks to Contemponary Museum of Art, Lyon


Conception & Artistic direction by Séverine Fontaine
Collaboration for Interviews & Documentaries: Pauline Scherer
Light technical team: MK2 Plus - Christian Marty, Marc Chauveau
Technicians: Georges Benguigui, Chloe Perrier
Photos: Jean-Mathieu Erny
Ethnologist: Denis Cerclet